BLVD was designed with this overarching objective in mind: to meet the high standards of exclusive hospitality providers by offering its patrons the purest water they could ever try.

BLVD Water focuses on finding purity within this natural drink. Our process limits human intervention, making this water 100% natural and consumable for anyone, regardless of how particular they are when it comes to natural spring water water.

Thousands of drinks claim to be sourced completely naturally, but we seek to meet natural standards as safe and authentic as possible by bottling Tasmanian water at the source.

You can see how our product is served in super flint glass bottles, giving it the high-end touch that every luxury establishment is looking for. That is why BLVD Water is one of the top high-end brands of bottled water, required by 5 stars hotels and resorts all around the world.

The design of each bottle aims to complement the overall look and feel of high-end hospitality across national and cultural borders.

BLVD™ Natural Spring Water is a division of Jon Monsir P/L, a family owned Australian business. We want to keep sourcing very exclusive elite products for the global marketplace, as it applies to quality living and lifestyle.