About Us

BLVD ™ Natural Spring Water is a division of Jon Monsir P/L a family owned Australian business. For many years, we have sourced very exclusive elite products for the global market place in relation to quality living and lifestyle.

BLVD is an initiative arising from our observation across the range of global markets in which we operate that the hospitality industry was very poorly served with regard to high quality water. Primarily, we observed the majority of hospitality providers based this area of their business on substandard water purified with human intervention, served in plastic bottles.

The search was on for us to find the purest water in the world that can be bottled at the source. And where better to start than the country we love and live in, Australia, positioned in the waters of the Great Southern Ocean of the Antarctic. More particularly, our most pristine island, Tasmania.

In a small village near Burnie (East Yolla) in north west Tasmania lays a natural spring where BLVD was born. BLVD now provides this exclusive water to high end luxury hotels, restaurants and resorts around the world. We have customised our super flint glass bottles to complement any 5 Star establishment, fitting well with all high end decor. And without taking focus off the masterpiece, our BLVD water.

BLVD is an exclusive product only available in high end luxury establishments. 

We hope one day very soon you have the great fortune to enjoy this exclusive product.