About Us

BLVD™ Natural Spring Water is honored to provide very exclusive and elite products in the global market that will allow you to maintain a high-quality lifestyle.

This project started as an initiative after we noticed that the majority of hospitality providers used substandard water that had been purified after it was taken from the source.

Our mission was to cut out the need for invasive purification techniques and discover the purest water you can find on Earth that can be bottled at the source. BLVD Water found this type of water in our native country, Australia, specifically on one of its most pristine islands: Tasmania.

BLVD Water is now able to provide this exclusive, high-end water to the hospitality industry all around the world, allowing their guests to experience the feel and taste of the purest water the world has to offer, as it was originally sourced.

Our water is contained in customized super flint glass bottles to complement the luxurious architecture and decoration of these establishments

We want to take hospitality to a whole new level, therefore you are invited to join us and become a part of this incredible experience! so if you want to become one of them, Tasmanian bottled water is a great way to start.

We hope you take this great opportunity to enjoy this exclusive product.