The source of BLVD ™ Natural Spring Water is the north coast of Tasmania, an island of world heritage wilderness with 40% of the island covered by rain forest. It is recognised as an untouched bowl of fertile farmland of outstanding national value, part of the southern most continent of the world – Australia.

Our water is naturally pumped from 20 meters below the ground where it lays upon a bed of bluestone, one of nature’s purest forms of filtration.

Tasmania's very special environment arises from its isolation, protected by the Great Southern Ocean which surrounds the island. Nature has graced the island with such natural factors as the winds of the famed Roaring Forties (latitude 40 degrees south) blowing uninterrupted more than half way around the globe, from the Andes to Tasmania. The result is the best and purist rainwater in the world, with extremely low level of residues and sodium.

This wonderful rain falls on the mountains and valleys to become true wilderness water, re-emerging from the fertility of the landscape to eventually form natural springs – the clean and pristine source of BLVD Natural Spring Water.

BLVD Water Mineral Analysis -

Magnesium Mg <5.00 Sulfate SO4 1.70 Calcium Ca 4.49 Bicarbonate HCO3 34.00. Fluoride 0.03 PH 7.00 Potassium K .91 TDS 86 Sodium Na 7.08